Niklas Kalliope Wright
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February 2017
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Her New True Self


Waking world: With the shift, her ears have may look a little pointed, sweeping up to hint at a point at the top rather than simply rounded. Her eyes have settled into a grey, no more variations to blue or green. Her skin and hair always seems to be in the best condition.

Dreamlands: Her ears are have definite points. Her eyes take on a crystalline brilliance that is grounded ever so slightly in grey. She almost literally glows. She seems to have something behind her, the feeling of wings, but nothing is there.

Her ears, no matter awake or dreaming, are extremely sensitive to touch.


There's a reason she's comfortable in the Dreamlands; she is a conduit, a gate, or key, depending on how one looks at it. She can bring or guide people into the Dreamlands, eventually she'll be able to do it at will. For now, it's quite innocently by accident. There is a danger to this though; as she can bring people in, she just might be able to bring people or something out.

Her blood is fairy, not fully so, but it's strong. She was a child of story, or some might think to look at her history. With that blood, comes a peculiar ability, or curse; a kiss from a fairy is deadly. Oh, no one dies right off, but they might wish to die of longing for the fairy. Niks' kiss is just as deadly now. The kiss doesn't always lead to death, but it may create a desire for death if more kisses or attention can't be had. This kiss must be lip to lip; a simple peck on the cheek doesn't do anything.

As far as actual magic, she can tell when people aren't human. She can't tell what they are, but that they certainly are not human.

While it's no longer a worry, Niks' natural life would be much longer than a fit human.

Weaknesses: Niks has become more interested in shiny baubles, almost to the point of distraction at times. She has to learn to control this.

She's also developing an allergy to iron (the metal). Her sweet tooth has become a little more demanding.

As fairies aren't given to lying, perhaps words mean too much or perhaps they simply can't lie, Niks doesn't seem able to lie either. She will have to learn to evade, much like a certain full fairy.

Don't forget the kisses and the Dreamlands business. Her existence is sometimes a weakness in general.

behind the smile

the truth )

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